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    Thursday, April 12th from 5-7PM at the elementary school

    It's time to celebrate! Our annual Open House will be in conjunction with the DCS 10 Year Anniversary Social in 2018! The whole community is invited and we extend special invitations to ALL current and past DCS students and their families!! 
    Come check out classrooms, celebrate student learning, reminisce, create some memories, hug a teacher and HAVE FUN!! 

    We will also have some special celebratory activities happening throughout the building, including:
    * make a Memory Book page in the IMC about your favorite memory of DCS, an experience or a teacher
    * decorate and take home a Memory Rock in the art room
    * decorate a DCS Wall Mosaic in the hallway to celebrate 10 Years of DCS

    Cupcakes and drinks will be available in the gym and the DCS Greenhouse will be open for touring! 

    Has Discovery Charter School been a positive part of your family's life? We hope so! Celebrate with us all of the science, tech, innovation and creativity that has been DCS for the past 10 years! Share and spread the word!

  • What is a Charter School?

    Charter Schools are new, innovative public schools that are accountable for student results. They are designed to deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and the needs of the communities they serve. Charter Schools have a governance council that makes policy decisions.

    Why has Columbus School District Opened a Charter School?

    Columbus School District is pleased to offer families a choice of quality schools, enabling them to choose a program that best matches their child’s interests and learning style.

    What makes Discovery Charter School Unique?

    Discovery Charter School provides an experience-filled opportunity for children in grades K-3 who have a natural interest (affinity) in science and nature.

    Engaging science topics pull all of the curricular areas together, helping children make sense of what they are learning. The excitement of learning and exploring inside engaging, technology-filled classrooms, tending the school gardens and greenhouse, getting out to explore the backyard, area farms, woodlands, prairies, and streams provides experiences that children will remember for a lifetime.

    Discovery Charter School involves students in inquiry science opportunities.  Students learn about the natural environment by interacting with it and observing how it changes over time.  Experiments are conducted to help answer questions that students have about their surroundings.

    What will children study in Discovery Charter?
    Science is the theme that connects all curricular areas. A rigorous reading and math program, technology, art and music are integrated into the major science focus areas. The science focus areas include the following:

    • Living/Nonliving
    • Plant systems
    • Animal systems
    • Seasons
    • Environmental Awareness
    • Mechanical

    These science content areas are applied through the exploration and study of the following areas:

    • Backyard/city
    • Agriculture
    • Water – streams, ponds, lakes
    • Prairie
    • Woodland
    • School Gardens
    • Greenhouse

    Parent Involvement:

    Parent Involvement is an expectation of Discovery Charter School. There are various options available to accommodate busy schedules. Some examples include:

    Serving on the Governance Council
    Committee Work
    Parent Learning Workshops
    Assisting in the Classroom
    Field Trips chaperones

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